While some people are genetically blessed with thick, strong legs, others would like to fatten their thin and weak legs. If you’re one of those people who like to fatten their legs, this article will be of great help.

In this article I will share with you some exercises for fat legs that will please you with the results.

Both men and women are concerned about the appearance of their legs. The legs is one of the main parts of the body that observes the opposite sex and is visually appealing. Therefore it is of great importance that both men and women are worried about having a sexy legs.

Therefore, in this article I want to help improve the appearance of your legs. There is no doubt that having a strong, muscular legs is something sexy and attractive to the opposite sex. So I’ll say the exercises to fatten legs firmly and muscles.

Exercises for fat legs

1- Squats. The squat exercise is the most positive impact and effect fat legs. Therefore, it is vital that add to your exercise routine.

Exercises to fatten Legs

Execution: Standing with separate a little more open than the level of the shoulders, knees slightly bent feet. Begins to lower flexing your legs while keeping your back completely straight (upright) all the time. Lower until your thighs are parallel with the floor, or horizontally straight. After reaching this position, use your legs to bring your body back to your original position.

Comments: You can have weight on his shoulders like a bar (as illustrated above), but if you have the necessary strength in your legs do weightless. Be sure to always keep your back straight, and always keep looking ahead, do not look down.

2- Stride static. It is an exercise that complements the squats. And it’s very good for your legs too fat.

Exercises to fatten Legs

Exercises to fatten Legs


Execution: Stand with your shoulders level apart, with dumbbells in both hands feet. Take a large step with your left leg, and bend your right leg almost to the ground. Your left leg should be parallel with the floor, or horizontally straight. After reaching this position use your left leg to push your body back up to your original position. Then do the same with the other leg.

Comments: Always keep your back straight. This will prevent injuries and ensure that you run the exercise using only your legs perfectly to make the necessary strength.

3- Extension legs. This exercise is helpful to fatten the front of your thighs, the quadriceps muscles.

Exercises to fatten Legs

Execution: sitting on a specific machine for this exercise. Elevate your legs forward to form a straight line from your thighs to your feet. Then your legs to your original position.

Exercises to fatten Legs

4- Leg Curl. This exercise works the back of the legs, muscle (hamstring tendon – hamstring) and buttocks.

Exercises to fatten Legs

Execution: Lying on a machine specifically for this exercise . Elevate your legs up until your legs have an “L”. Then down to your original position.

5- Hamstring. This exercise works fine calves, giving them the appearance of muscles quickly defined.

Exercises to fatten Legs

Exercises to fatten Legs


Execution: Standing standing on a step or something else that keeps your heels in the air. Keep the balls of your feet on the step and lift your body up to the peak using your calves. Then your original position.

These five exercises are excellent for fat legs. Make a routine with these exercises for fat legs.

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